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We invite you to study herbal medicine here at the Blessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine. Cross the threshold into THE WAY OF THE WILD HEART and engage the spirit of the healing herbs with community herbalist, organic gardener, author and teacher, Gail Faith Edwards as your guide.

Plant medicines possess the unique ability of regeneration. They are life supportive, deeply nourishing and enhance our health in significant ways. We have a natural affinity for plant medicines since we are made of the very same substances. Come learn how easy it is to support your health and that of your family with the same plants that have been used for many thousands of years and still grow all around us.



JUNE - NOVEMBER 2015 - Join Gail for a plant immersion course - FROM SEED TO HERBAL MEDICINE - set in the herb gardens, fields, woodlands, waterways, school house and the medicine production kitchen here at Blessed Maine Herb Farm for six months....STARTS TUESDAY JUNE"ll find the REGISTRATION LINK and full description of this course below.

Tree Medicines
“After the glaciers subsided the birch and pine appeared and colonized the tundra. As the weather warmed in came the hazel, then oak, elm and ash, hornbeam and fir."

Thursday May 28, 2015 - GEMMOTHERAPY -The word gemmotherapy comes from the Latin gemmae, which designates both the bud and the precious stone of mineral or organic origin, such as amber or pearl, and also the rock salt extracted from mines and the resins obtained from an incision made in the tree trunks of pines and similar evergreen species.

Some of my best friends are trees and many of my favorite medicines come from them. I'm especially enthused about the buds. We'll spend the day exploring gemmotherapy; it's origins and history, how it works, the menstruums used and how to apply it to support health. We'll gather some buds together and make a Gemmotherapy elixir for you to take home. 11 - 4, bring your lunch, we'll have an herbal beverage. $75

Register for this class at the link below.

Sunday June 14, 2015 - ROSALIA DAY - A day in celebration of the roses. We'll celebrate all things rose today, discuss the history, lore, medicine, magic and science associated with the rose and other Rosaceae family plants such as the hawthorn, Our Lady's mantle, meadowsweet, and the apple, plum and cherry. We'll make spirit medicines; a rose elixir, rose water, rose beads and incense, rose mead. 11- 4, bring a lunch, we'll serve an herbal beverage. $75 includes all materials.

Register for Rosalia at the link provided below.

June 28 - 30, 2015 - COMMUNITY HERBALIST RETREAT - This will be a relaxed and rejuvenating time spent among those who share the same passions. We'll spend time together in the gardens and in the wild, time at the lake and alongside the stream, we'll review and sharpen our medicine making skills, our plant identification skills, enjoy ceremony and deepen our sense of community support as we move forward as community herbalists. Seven guest herbalist/teachers! Meals and medicine making materials included. $250

Register for the Community Herbalist Retreat at the link provided below.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - INTRODUCTION TO HERBAL PHARMACY - daylong session covering the basic and most useful techniques for making safe, simple, effective herbal medicines at home using plants commonly found in gardens, fields and woods. Water-based, spirit based and oil based processes will be covered. You'll take home a few things you've made here. 11-4, bring your own lunch, we'll serve an herbal beverage. $75 includes all plants and materials.

Register for the Medicine Making Day at the link provided below.

Other venues where Gail will be teaching this year:

July 31 - August 2 - Veridis Genii Symposium, Plant Magic, Mysticism, and Medicine - Seattle, Washington

Benedicaria – The Blessing Way of Southern Italian Folk Tradition: For the past decade Gail has spent 3-6 months each year in her ancestral village in Southern Italy. Her companions and teachers have been elder village women who still practice the ancient traditional ways of the indigenous tribes of Southern Italia, closely aligned and intricately woven with the earth’s seasonal changes.

This lecture will be an exploration of the healing rituals, ceremonies, prayers, chants, processions, trees, fruits and herbs that have long been at the center of life in this remote village, situated at the foot of Mt. Cervati, dedicated to the Goddess Diana since the most ancient times. Gail brings a message of hope and healing from a place where pagan earth practice is well married to early European Great Mother-centered Catholicism and still rich in the ways of earth magic and sacred plant medicine.

August 28-30 - New England Women's Herbal Conference, New Hampshire - Two classes - Gemmotherapy and Herbal Support for Dealing with Long Term Irreversible Heath Issues.

September 14 17 - International Conference - Amber in the History of Medicine, Kaliningrad, Russia - The Healing and Protective Properties of Baltic Amber - Gail will be sharing five years worth of case studies regarding the use of Baltic amber tincture, oil, cream and beads to enhance health, relieve pain and inflammation and boost overall vitality.


See the new version of our online Herbal Medicine Correspondence Course - BODY SYSTEMS AND CORRESPONDING MATERIA MEDICA at the link below. Our next class begins October 2015.

"You are the most gifted and influential teacher I have ever known."

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge" Albert Einstein

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