Infused Oil of Rose

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Product Description

Roses are renowned the world over as being especially soothing, moisturizing and rejuvenating to the skin. Rose oil is a specific for any red, irritated, dry skin condition.

Apply Rose Oil liberally to the body after a bath or shower, use as a luscious moisturiser for the face or for sensuous love making massage.

We create our infused oil of rose right here on the Blessed Maine Herb Farm. We grow our roses organically, gather petals by hand at the end of each day while they are in bloom, and combine them with pure Italian olive oil to create this superb infused oil of rose. We add a few drops of highest quality pure rose otto to every bottle.

The rose aroma is absolutely exquisite and the oil feels sensually smooth, silky and luxurious on the skin. Exactly as you would imagine being covered with rose petals would feel.

4 oz. bottle of Rose Oil - $24

"I greatly respect your work and your products. Your rose oil, especially, has calmed my skin and my spirit on many occasions. I treasure my bottle of it."

"Your rose oil is pure heaven. It is by far the best rose oil I have ever had."

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