Certified Organic Herbs to Celebrate the Sacredness of Everyday Life

Sacred Herbs - smudge sticks, hand rolled incense, resins
Sacred Herbs - smudge sticks, hand rolled incense, resins
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Celebrate the Sacred. Our Smudge Sticks are generous bundles of freshly gathered CERTIFIED ORGANIC herbs, wrapped tightly with cotton string and hung until dry, then re-wrapped for presentation.

Smudge sticks are traditionally burned to honor the sacredness of an occasion, to clear or protect a space, raise the energy, or prepare for prayer or healing. Our white sage comes to you loose in a zip lock bag.

MUGWORT - Carries and reflects moon energy, burned to protect, enhance dreams and psychic abilities, patron herb of women. Burned almost exclusively by Buddhists in their sacred ceremony.

LAVENDER - Attracts high, clear, tranquil energy. Calming and centering. Makes everything seem bright and new.

HYSSOP- The essence of protection and cleansing. King Solomon used hyssop in his temple.

ROSEMARY - The Greek and Roman Sybils burned rosemary to enter into trance, speak with the gods, offer prophecy. Burn before sleep to protect against nightmares. Creates a safe and inspiring space for healing and meditation.

WHITE SAGE - Traditionally burned by Native American Tribal people in sacred ceremony. Clears negative energy.

SAGE - Traditionally burned by our European ancestors, the same way white sage is burned and with much the same effect.

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Choose from frankincense or myrrh. The resins are in small chunks and packaged in a clear tube with metal cap.
These gorgeously fragrant one of a kind incense sticks are made entirely from certified organic roses with a bit of essential oils of rose and sandalwood added. Our rose incense sticks set a mood that is calm, centered and sensual.

Burn these as you would any incense stick. Once ignited the stick will burn for a little while and gradually die out on its own. Each of these rose incense sticks will last through many burnings.

Contains, certified organic roses with a sprinkling of tragacanth as a binder and salt peter to help it burn, essential oils of rose and sandalwood.
Herbal dream pillows are an ancient and time honored way to experience the subtle, or magical, properties of herbs. The aroma of lavender is peaceful, stress relieving and sleep inducing. We've combined our lavender with a few other calming and sleep inducing herbs from our gardens to create a dream pillow blend that will lull you to sleep and enhance dream recall.

Contains MOFGA CERTIFIED ORGANIC lavender, lemon balm, roses, skullcap, oatstraw and mugwort.

Our dream pillows are lovingly hand-sewn of beautiful hand dyed cotton materials. Each pillow is stuffed with aromatic herbs, has a pretty label tied on with a ribbon and is placed in a cellulose bag.

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(an excerpt from Gail's book, Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs)

Burning dried herbs, or smudging, is an ancient method of nourishing the spirit and invoking the sacred. People all around the world burn herbs during ceremonies. I feel instantly reverent when I smell frankincense which was burned in our Catholic Church during my chilhood. Many cultures believe smoke from the burning herbs clears unwanted energies and carries our prayers to Great Spirit. I know people who smudger before important meetings, and others who smudge their house each day. Sometimes I smudge in the morning as a blessing on the new day, in the evening to relieve accumulated stress and tension, or at night to inspire dreaming.

Any very dry herb, flower, bark, resin, or root will burn, but some are more aromatic than others. Some scents are known to have certain effects, but you don't need to be an expert. Just go ahead and burn some herbs in a fire-proof bowl or shell, or light up a smudge stick. See what you like. Experiment. What smells good to you? Burn well-dried springs of your herbal ally.

When I smudge, I let the smoke go over and around my head and I inhale the aroma. I offer some smoke to my heart area, around my back, and down my arms and legs. I pay special attention to parts of my body holding tension or in special need of nourishment or healing. I offer a prayer of thanksgiving each time I smudge. I let the smoke carry my prayers to the heavens. Some of my favorite herbs for smudging are: lavender, mugwort, sage, rosemary, vervain, peppermint, cedar, juniper, St. John's wort, and hyssop.

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