Anti inflammatory, Pain Easing
Joint and Muscle Balm

<FONT SIZE=3>Anti inflammatory Pain Easing Salve
Anti inflammatory Pain Easing Salve
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Product Description

Anti inflammatory, Pain Easing Joint Balm

Certified Organic St. John's wort, well known for its pain easing and anti inflammatory actions, soothing, pain easing plantain and a combination of warming, pain relieving essential oils in a pure olive oil and bees wax base. Rub on inflamed and painful muscles, tendons, or joints to relieve pain.

2 OZ. TIN Contains St. John's wort, olive oil, bees wax, essential oils of ginger, clove, peppermint, cannabis and cinnamon.

jointbalm $18.00

From a customer: "Your salve is a Godsend when my legs go into painful neuropathy - it's the only product that helps. Even an Rx cream that I obtained & was told to use mixed with Aquaphor doesn't work as well. Thanks for making this!" J. Day

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