Goddess Body Organics ™ simple, pure, effective, entirely natural & non-toxic Body Care for your Goddess Body

Goddess Body Organics ™
Goddess Body Organics ™
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We offer you this page in honor of the Goddess of Beauty, she who is known by many names, who has many faces...You will find the herbal body products listed on this page to be of highest quality, as is the case with all of our products.

Our healing salves and lip waxes are made with infused oils made with our MOFGA Certified Organic and Wildgathered herbs and flowers in pure olive oil with the addition of pure bees wax and true essential oils.

Our beauty care products are entirely natural, made with Certified Organic herbs, our own herb infused oils and the finest ingredients we can find, including true essential oils, to create safe, effective, luscious, skin nourishing herbal body care products that you can use with confidence.

Enjoy this simple selection of excellent body care products, made for you with much love by those of us here on the Blessed Maine Herb Farm.

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Limited edition. We worked all summer collecting the most notable skin nourishing ingredients from around the world to create this stuff...melted the frankincense, myrrh and Baltic Amber resins right into premium quality, my Italian village sourced olive oil...added freshly ground, sustainably harvested, deeply fragrant sandalwood powder, fresh, plump, amazingly aromatic Madagascar vanilla beans, skin replenishing coconut and then, as a softening grace, topped it all off with white and pink roses from our Maine gardens. A few drops of Bulgarian rose and anti inflammatory chamomile essential oils brought this rejuvenating facial serum to absolute perfection! Made by us for you...to enhance your already gorgeous Goddess Face.

2 oz. square bottle -$75
The botanicals used to create these perfumes were carefully extracted using time honored, traditional extraction methods. What we didn’t grow or gather right here in our gardens, field and wood, we obtained from reputable, sustainable sources...such as the frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood. These are naturally extracted botanical perfumes and not blends of essential oils.

Veriditas speaks of deep forest magic, cedar boughs, sacred springs and fairy rings.

Terra is earthy, grounded, warming, sensual.

2 oz. square bottle with a gold spray cap and cover.
<FONT SIZE=3>Baltic Amber Rose Butter
Drench your skin in our luscious and moisturizing Baltic amber rose butter. Let it drink up the lightly fragrant deeply moisturizing pure and mild derma food presented here.

Our Baltic Amber Rose Butter begins with the exquisite skin soothing properties of our lovingly grown certified organic roses with the amazing skin cell rejuvenating power of Baltic amber and the rich skin moisturizing actions of natural certified cocoa butter to present you with an exceptionally pure, deeply healing, nourishing, protective and restorative cream.

Absolutely heavenly! The results after a short while of using this luscious and rejuvenating cream may astound you. Use sparingly as a little goes a long way.

Contains: Certified organic cocoa butter, pure crushed pharmaceutical grade Baltic amber oil, rose oil made with our certified organic roses and pure olive oil, organic rose hip seed oil, essential oils of myrrh and helichrysum, and pure organic Bulgarian rose otto.

1 ounce jar - $24.00

"Gail, you have outdone yourself this time. i simply cannot get enough of your rose & amber cream! I love the way it melts into my skin, and it smells delicious, too. i admit, i'm a bit stingy with it. i only apply it at night so my hands have time to soak up every last bit, and in the morning they feel soft and nourished. and the jar is the perfect size for stocking stuffing. HINT HINT, santa!"

"Oh God! How I love your cream and what it does for my skin!"

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Baltic Amber Rose Butter amberose
We put together a beautiful batch of balm of gilead bud infused oil, so fragrant, combined it with pine needle infused oil and a few well selected essential oils, in small amounts, to bring you what we think is an excellent and effective decongestant formula that smells fantastic!

Rub a bit of Decongestant Salve on your chest, throat or nose to help relieve congestion, clear mucus and open air passageways.

Contains CERTIFIED ORGANIC balm of gilead buds, pine, olive oil and essential oil of eucalyptus, pine and fir.

Packaged in a 1.5 oz glass jar - $15.00

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This item is currently out of stock!
<FONT SIZE=3>Anti inflammatory Pain Easing Salve
Anti inflammatory, Pain Easing Joint Balm

Certified Organic St. John's wort, well known for its pain easing and anti inflammatory actions, soothing, pain easing plantain and a combination of warming, pain relieving essential oils in a pure olive oil and bees wax base. Rub on inflamed and painful muscles, tendons, or joints to relieve pain.

2 OZ. TIN Contains St. John's wort, olive oil, bees wax, essential oils of ginger, clove, peppermint, cannabis and cinnamon.

jointbalm $18.00

From a customer: "Your salve is a Godsend when my legs go into painful neuropathy - it's the only product that helps. Even an Rx cream that I obtained & was told to use mixed with Aquaphor doesn't work as well. Thanks for making this!" J. Day

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Anti inflammatory Pain Easing Salve pes
<FONT SIZE=3>Rose Hydrosol
Rose Hydrosol is a hydrodistillation, The distilled rose water concentrates the water soluble healing essence of the rose petals and is delicately aromatic. Wonderfully hydrating to the skin, rose hydrosol helps replace moisture lost to sun and wind. Astringent, rose water is traditionally used as a skin toner after washing to help tighten pores. Spray this floral water on your face and neck anytime to refresh, uplift, and rejuvenate. Our Rose Hydrosol is made with freshly gathered MOFGA certified organic rose blossoms in full bloom and spring water, distilled in a copper alembic still..

See all our hydrosols listed on the hydrosols page! 3.5 ounce green glass bottle with spray top. $20.00

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Rose Hydrosol rosewater
This item is currently out of stock!
Elegant. White and pink roses, exquisite white sandalwood, French green clay, arrowroot and a few drops of Bulgarian rose oil...the result is a light and delicate, silky soft and sensual, medicinally potent dusting powder. Use to prevent chafing, inhibit fungal and bacterial growth, discourage odors, feel fresh and dry.

4 oz container with sifter top.
FLOWER POWDER Flowerpowder
Our DREAM BALM is amazing! We made a strong infused oil of mugwort flowering tops, combined it with infused oils of skullcap and violet and added a bit of essential oil of lavender. The skullcap and violet encourage deep sleep and the mugwort stimulates dreams and dream recall. If you are working with dreams, wanting to sharpen your vivid dreaming skills, or dream recall abilities, consider giving this simple formula a try. We think you will be as amazed as we have been with the positive results. Sweet dreams!

1.5 oz. glass jar - 15.00
DREAM BALM Dreambalm
This item is currently out of stock!
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