Rose Hydrosol

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Rose Hydrosol
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Product Description

Rose Hydrosol is a hydrodistillation, The distilled rose water concentrates the water soluble healing essence of the rose petals and is delicately aromatic. Wonderfully hydrating to the skin, rose hydrosol helps replace moisture lost to sun and wind. Astringent, rose water is traditionally used as a skin toner after washing to help tighten pores. Spray this floral water on your face and neck anytime to refresh, uplift, and rejuvenate. Our Rose Hydrosol is made with freshly gathered MOFGA certified organic rose blossoms in full bloom and spring water, distilled in a copper alembic still..

See all our hydrosols listed on the hydrosols page! 3.5 ounce green glass bottle with spray top. $20.00

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