Third Annual SAINT HILDEGARD DAY Sunday, September 20, 2020

You're invited to join us at the farm in September to honor the rebel Saint Hildegard von Bingen - 12th century herbalist, healer, poet, musician and prophetess who coined the term viriditas to describe the animating life force she perceived within all creation.

Saint Hildegard Days is an annual harvest season celebration here, held on the last Sunday of September.

Our herbal apothecary will be open, 10-3, everything will be freshly prepared. ..we'll also have scheduled garden tours and trail walks down to the stream. It's beautiful down there this time of year.

In 2020 we are adding an array of vendors! Let us know if you are interested in vending your hand made, all natural or home grown items.

Brian Richmond and Friends are playing live music in the gardens from 1 - 3 PM, bring your dancing shoes! And, a lovely and fun procession through the gardens in honor of Hildegard is planned for Sunday at 3PM!

Our School House is being turned into Saint Hildegard Central for the day - her music will be playing throughout the day and presentations will take place in the School House.

The entire event is free!

Harvest Blessings, Gail Faith Edwards and the Blessed Maine Herb Farm Family

As herbalists we all carry a spark of Saint Hildegard in our wild hearts. Her viriditas, perfectly describes the life force we all work with on a daily basis, most of us with great reverence. Saint Hildegard was a woman centuries before her time...yet she persisted. She was a rebel of the highest order, a teacher and leader of women, a prayer warrior, poet, musician, and much more.

We herbalists are privileged to engage the greening force as an integral part of the work we do. Each of us transforming earth, water, fire and air into medicine that becomes, in the process, a unique expression of who we are. We carry a great treasure, the wisdom of the earth, in our veins. We offer our gifts without hesitation and are grateful for the work we do in this world.

Let's celebrate and give great thanks to the plants, for calling us, and for all the multitude of ways that they support us. Rejuvenate us. Make us Holy. Let's honor a great ancestor herbalist together, She Who Led the Way, Saint Hildegard von Bingen.

Join us at Blessed Maine Herb Farm, September 20, 2020 at 10am-4pm - BRING FLAGS, BANNERS, KITES AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS FOR THE PROCESSION!

Places to stay in our area for those coming from afar:
Evergreen cabins on the Kennebec River, Solon
Lakewood Inn on the Wesserunsette lake, Madison
Towne Motel, Skowhegan

Thank you for visiting ~ blessings on your day!