Herbal Formula for Male Menopause

Studly Brothers Manly Elixir ™
Studly Brothers Manly Elixir ™
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Product Description

Studly Brothers Manly Elixir ™


This is our "male menopause" formula. It has been specifically designed to nourish midlife men, providing essential nutrients necessary for optimum testosterone production, ensuring strong heart and bones, healthy glandular functioning. Enhances libido, improves mood and sense of well being.

Contains ginseng, angelica, black cohosh, saw palmetto, nettles, oatstraw, chickweed, yarrow, ginkgo

2oz. bottle - $30

"My husband is a lot happier since he's been taking your formula. And I am too. We both really appreciate the work you do. Thank you."

"I know this sounds crazy, but not only do I have a lot more energy, I feel so much better over all, have less pain in my joints and also feel I am standing taller, after just a few weeks of using your product. It's great, thank you!"

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