THE LOVE BOX - an array of essential botanical ingredients for creating a memorable ceremony in honor of love.

THE LOVE BOX shipping included in price
THE LOVE BOX shipping included in price

Product Description

4 oz. bottle of APHRODISIAS’S DELIGHT - Dark, mouth watering, love inducing chocolate married to rich, warming, sensual vanilla...a generous splash of heart opening rose and a hefty dose of libido enhancing American ginseng...a burst of taste tingling ginger, cardamom and nutmeg, all blended with the smoothest brandy in this world and sweetened to perfection with pure Maine honey...a love potion supreme if ever there was one!

2 oz. bottle of our exquisite ROSE OIL wonderful for relaxing, romantic massage.

A bottle of our elegant and sensual ROLL-ON PERFUME – choose from Rose & Sandalwood, Rose & Vanilla or Rose & Patchouly

A hand-rolled stick of ROSE INCENSE and a natural BEESWAX VOTIVE CANDLE – burn to create an atmosphere most conducive to your love making ritual.

A hand carved wooden heart decorates each wooden box...beautifully arranged and sprinkled with roses.


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